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"The inch loss I experienced using
Herbal Body Wrap was permanent!"
Karen Johnston, Indiana

"When I used the Herbal Body Wrap, I
lost inches right away.  A few days later
the pounds starting melting off, first two,
then three.  I can't wait to do another
Joy Topaz, FL

"Herbal Body Wrap is a world-class
product that we are proud to offer in our
Jane Bryant, WY

"In one hour using the Herbal Body Wrap,
I lost eight and one-half inches!  That
was fantastic but even better was the way
my skin felt after.  It was so smooth, it felt
like silk, and it gets better each time.  I
finally got into my favorite party dress that
I could not get into before!"
Evelyn Grossman, GA

"Using the Herbal Body Wrap left my skin
toned and so soft!"
Pauline Faulkner, WA

"Your Herbal Body Wrap made me feel
smoothed and soothed all over."
Clarece Ramsey, IN
Herbs To Detoxify & Tone The Body And Skin

Life Force is proud to offer our Herbal Body Wrap.  Designed as a skin detoxification product, Herbal Body Wrap is also a relaxing and
convenient alternative to strenuous exercise gimmicks and expensive, painful plastic surgery.

This amazing product has been used for over a decade by thousands of customers worldwide.  Herbal Body Wrap can actually cause an
elimination of stored toxins.  Once released, the toxins are transferred from the body through natural elimination channels, including the
skin itself.

Your Home Spa

The Herbal Body Wrap is both a relaxing and invigorating experience.  While wrapped, the moist warmth is soothing and aromatic.  After
about 60 minutes, the wraps come off to reveal a smoother, softer and potentially reshaped version of you!  You need only drink eight
glasses of water a day over the next three days to help maximize the effects.

As An Indulgent Bath

Try Herbal Body Wrap as a bath!  Without someone to help wrap, it's easier, though not quite as effective.  Still, it imparts tremendous
benefits to the skin, and is so soothing!

How It Works

Aloe vera is scientifically proven to benefit skin.  After properly preparing the Herbal Body Wrap mixture, the aloe vera helps to carry the other
ingredients through the pores of the skin.  The ingredients may stimulate skin cells to release water, which may cause a reduction.

More Values of Herbal Body Wrap:

  • Not only is the skin your body's largest organ, it is also amazingly absorbent.
  • The skin is often the preferred delivery pathway for many beneficial products.
  • Continued applications will yield greater results.
  • Used and recommended by health care professionals.

Suggested Use:
Each container of Herbal Body Wrap is good for one full body wrap.

It is recommended that you use 2 sets of terry wrap cloths for a complete body wrap. Cloths may be cleaned and reused. 100% terry cloth, 5"
wide x 5 feet long.

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  • Lose Inches
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Detoxify and Cleanse
  • Increase Energy
  • Tone and Firm
  • Safe and Natural
  • Simple Do it Yourself Instructions
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Herbal Body Wrap
1Full Body Wrap (towels not included)
Herbal Body Wrap
Volume Pack
10 Herbal Body Wraps (towels not included)
Herbal Body Wrap Starter Pack
4 Herbal Body Wraps
2 Packs Terry Wrap Clothes
1 Herbal Body Wrap DVD
Terry Wrap Cloth
Each Reusable cloth is 5' long & 5" wide
2 sets recommended
Herbal Body Wrap
-Promotes healthier skin
-Detoxifies skin
-Detoxifies fat cells
-May result in inch loss
-Get professional results at home
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